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Mastering the Art of Styling a Coverlet

The mystery bed covering dissected A to Z
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If a person can be naked, why not a bed? Hear this one out - like a human body’s blank canvas is skin, a bed, when undressed, is a blank canvas in the form of a mattress. When we dress up a mattress with sheets, blankets, shams, pillows, and comforters in duvets, the bed is layered similar to the stages of dress on a person wearing different garments. Therefore think making a bed is like getting dressed on the body - each piece has a purpose. The coverlet is the overcoat, an outer layer cinching the entire look together. Following, Nest Casa examines how these curious bed linens compare to its clothing counterpart and ultimately discovers some of the best on the market today to ensure your bed is stylishly outfitted to perfection.

What is a Coverlet?

Without a doubt, when it comes to bed essentials, most folks think of sheets, blankets, duvets, quilts, bedspreads, and shams. But the coverlet remains elusive. That may be partially due to  the popularity of the informal duvets (some prefer to forgo a top sheet altogether) in today’s bedrooms - perhaps the athleisure of bed dressing?

However, if a more formally-dressed bed is one’s cup of tea, this bed linen may be just the thing. Thus, it needs defining. Somewhere in between a quilt and bedspread is a coverlet. Hence, it tends to be lightweight and perfect for warmer climates and seasons. To point out, this cover often has the look of a quilt but is made from a just single layer of stitched fabric with a quilt-like appearance called matelasseé. Therefore, it doesn’t qualify as a proper quilt. So in clothing terms, think of it as a lightweight jacket or better, a cotton knit sweater that provides an extra layer to a multi-component look. Or conversely, a simple light layer when just a touch of warmth is needed.

Coverlet vs. Quilt or Bedspread

It’s important to note that the definition of a coverlet has broadened in recent times. Some would reference a thin layer, old-school lightweight bedspread, especially when rendered in a silky finish, as one. Similarly, dressier and light-as-air comforters requiring no duvet covers are frequently also referred to them as one.

Ways to Style the Coverlet

Incorporating the coverlet into your bed can happen for a variety of reasons. First, is a decorative effect desired? In general, this bed linen tends to be placed in between the top sheet and a duvet, and the duvet would remain folded when not in use. (It’s important to keep in mind that a folded duvet treatment looks best set atop a full-frame or four-poster bed.) For this method, the textile can either be tucked underneath the mattress like a top sheet or, hang over the space between the mattress and box spring.

On the other hand, perhaps you are keeping a coverlet on your bed to accommodate a range of temperature degrees. In this case, it can be folded across the foot of the bed, to provide easy access when another layer is desired. Although it’s usually placed straight across the bed’s bottom, draping it on a diagonal across the bed is another option for an updated styling take. Of course, we all recall when the knit sweater went from being tied around our shoulders in the preppy years to becoming tied-at-the-waist in the Grunge Era. Same idea for the coverlet - you can go traditional or edgier.

Nest Casa’s Top Five Best Coverlets

1. The Bari from Sferra


Bari Coverlet
$595.00 BUY NOW

This sophisticated grand dame of coverlets bears a diamond piqueé pattern, thus creating a refined appearance. Moreover, its less weightier matelasseé, luxurious finish makes this coverlet akin to the perennially-chic light-weight cashmere sweater in the clothing world. You’ll own this piece forever.

2. Luxury Lozenge Bedspread from Frette


Luxury Lozenge Bedspread
$1,425.00 BUY NOW

As aforementioned, currently, some coverlets are referred to as classic bedspreads as in the case of this Frette style. The Lozenge features argyle a tone-on-tone jacquard weave in a cotton and silk blend for a sensuous and delicate sheen. Undoubtedly another evergreen classic to keep in your home.

3. Waterford Marcus Velvet King from Neiman Marcus


Marcus Velvet King Coverlet
$395.00 BUY NOW

Made from 200-thread count cotton-viscose sateen, this imported coverlet from the famous crystal house demonstrates that when you know luxury, one can produce it in fine-leaded glass or in a lush soft-quilted coverlet. Undoubtedly, silk-blend lightweight knitwear is this coverlet's clothing equivalent. 

4. Montauk from Serena & Lily

Serena And Lily

Montauk Coverlet
$258.00 BUY NOW

Just because one wants to dress up their bed doesn’t mean it’s black-tie or nothing. Case in point, this cotton-waffle weave Montauk coverlet that has a rustic texture perfect for recalling a seaside locale. This coverlet’s clothing spirit animal is a classic cotton Fisherman’s sweater.

5. Diamant from Kassatex


Diamante Coverlet
$235.00 BUY NOW

Similarly, Kassatex’s cotton garment-washed coverlet is a dressy element with that lived-in feel. Of course, our favorite clothes have that same quality. This coverlet is, for example, the equivalent of an overdyed and washed cable-knit sweater, cozy and familiar.

A Coverlet’s Best Friend: The Throw Blanket

Whether one opts for a true coverlet, a throw blanket is also a good option to further dress the bed. In lieu of a full-size coverlet, the throw blanket can be styled in similar ways across the bottom of the bed. In the same fashion, a throw blanket also provides an instant layer of warmth when needed. On the other hand, these bed blankets can also be an accent to a coverlet. For example, they can add another layer of texture, pattern, or color. In fact, just think of it as a bed’s equivalent of throwing a scarf around that sweater. Here, some of Nest Casa’s favorite styles.

Photo courtesy of @andobjects via IG

The 5 Best Daybed Sofa For Every Design Aficionado

Lounging about is officially trending after the past year’s ‘slow-down.’ Nest Casa dissects five of the best on the market.
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Ah, the daybed. Simply the mention of these combo-bed-slash-sofas calls to mind relaxation, among other pastimes. Indeed being able to recline in the middle of the day, or evening, while dressed and ready for activity is a luxurious act in itself. Most certainly, the last year’s events have welcomed a slower pace to life, so naturally, these daybed sofas with a rich past are again gaining traction.


Generally speaking, a daybed is a single-person metal or wood- framed piece of furniture with a cushion or mattress-style top. Typically, today’s daybeds are about the average couch’s width and, depending on the style, usually have a support cushion at either end or one side. Alternatively, they can be a twin mattress atop a three-sided bed frame, often with a trundle used to provide a bed for additional guests. As with most furniture pieces, they suit any decor or room, from bedrooms, living rooms, sunrooms, or Great rooms or Keeping rooms. Here, Nest Casa breaks down this intriguing piece and picks out five of the best styles to add to your personal space for a thoroughly modern take on this storied furniture piece.


Like democracy, architecture, and well, civilization, the ancient Greeks are to thank for this irresistible piece of furniture. Being that wood was scarce in biblical times, their version of the daybed was usually made of marble or stone and layered with pillows. Always present in the central gathering room where family and guests assembled, these klines, as they were called, took the place of a modern-day couch or sofa.


Perhaps the most well-known concept of the daybed sofa was conceived by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. While he tried several methods prior to this daybed, when he attempted a relaxed, it was in the laying-down position that he perfected his free association method. According to an article on, the original bed was a Victorian-style daybed sofa draped in Oriental rugs - a gift to Freud from a ‘cured” patient. This lounger was so crucial in the development of psychotherapy that the expression ‘on the couch’ came to mean being in therapy. This association prevailed until a new style of analysis, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, came about in the 1970s and ushered the daybed out in exchange for two chairs facing one another.


Surprisingly, incorporating the daybed sofa into any space is a cinch. The beauty of a daybed sofa is that no matter what your taste, there is certainly one that can fit with any decor. Ultimately, whatever you taste, whether you are a Modernist, Antique connaisseur, a Mid-Century buff, a Boho Beau-Boo, or lover of Outdoor living, Nest Casa compiles inspiring styles to fit with every aesthetic.

The Modernist:

If your preference is for a classic look with ultra-clean lines, presumably, you don’t shy away from being labeled a Modern design lover. However, this moniker also is rooted in a certain classicism. For this London apartment, Russian interior designer Alexander Kozlov, as a case in point, anchored this stately room with a modern interpretation of a daybed sofa. This daybed – oval-shaped with a truncated backrest and globe-style pillows – perfectly channels a modern yet classic style.

Da A

Rock Daybed By Marc Sadler
$8,400.00 BUY NOW

Curves Ahead - Don’t let its name fool you - The Rock daybed from Artemest is ripe with softly curved, sinuous lines.


Tufo Tufted Daybed
$1,099.00 BUY NOW

Float On - This seemingly gravity-defying daybed sofa from CB2 seems to magically suspend on two simple walnut finish legs.

The Antique Lover:

Naturally, if a typically antique look is to your liking, then consider yourself a traditionalist in this furniture genre. In this Parisian apartment that once belonged to Jean-Michel Frank. Pierre Yoyanovitch follows in his design heroes’ footsteps by retaining the past while incorporating the present. The daybed sofa, here, refers to a traditional timeless style with hints of the 18th-century apartment where it resides.

1st Dibs

19th Century French Louis XVI Daybed
$6,500.00 BUY NOW

Chateau Worthy - With roots in the 18th-century court of Louis the XVI, this 19th-century high-quality reproduction is a treasure for anyone’s castle.

1st Dibs

19th Century French Louis XVI Style Chaise Lounge Daybed
$4,500.00 BUY NOW

Brocade Beauty - Another stunner influenced by Louis the XVI, this 19th-century French chaise lounge constitutes a classic daybed sofa style.

Mid-Century Master:

Of course, today’s interpretation of vintage furniture generally refers to Mid-Century Modern. Design spirit animals of a Modernist, this style celebrates the simple lines of one of the design world’s most admired eras. Situated in a 16th-century Ibizan home and gallery-esque in nature, obviously, the central focus of this room is this combination daybed-sofa-slash-side-table.

1st Dibs

Hans J. Wegner 1950s Danish Modern Daybed in Oak and Rattan
$13,134.09 BUY NOW

Danish Dreams - A rare find in spectacular condition, this 1950s Hans J. Wegner modern daybed sofa with hidden pillow draw is the most chill place to grab a fashionable nap.

1st Dibs

A.R.P Leather Daybed for Minvielle
$4,127.86 BUY NOW

To The Point - Simple and sleek is Mid-Century Modern and displayed in this wooden frame and tufted leather daybed with precise feet that come to a sharp angle.

The Boho Beau:

Daybedding, as a verb in more modern times, recalls the relaxed lifestyle of the elegant hippies a la Talitha Getty. One imagines Saint Laurent’s pal and their gang lounging around with hookahs in their hand and caftans on their back in an exotic Moroccan riad. These days the spirit lives on through Bo-Bos, which the French like to call them. The name implies a mix of Bougeouis and Bohemians hence Bo-Bo aka Rich Hippies. American artist Brice Marden and his wife Helen perfect the daybed sofa in their “villa” on the Hudson River.


Simone Daybed
$2,995.00 BUY NOW

Bali Bound - The next best thing to being there, Anthropologie offers this hand-carved tropical wood daybed commonly found in the Indonesian paradise.


Carved Lovella Daybed
$1,498.00 BUY NOW

Weaver’s Dream - In a more subtle nod to the Boho spirit, Restoration Hardware offers a sleek style trimmed in rattan to reference a natural vibe.

The Outdoor Life:

You don’t have to profess a love for camping or hiking through the woods to be considered the outdoorsy type. In fact, plenty who reside in warm tropical regions do so for the benefit of spending a majority of life outdoors. Subsequently, a patio, deck, or porch outfitted in the furniture to fully enjoy it is a given. For this reason, a daybed for lounging away in the sun, shade, or moonlight is in order. This duo in Corsica allows the user to take in the majestic landscape surrounding this small French municipality.

1st Dibs

Vondom Outdoor Vela Pavilion Design by Ramon Esteve
$17,600.00 BUY NOW

Luxe Living - Ramon Esteve spares no detail in creating this outdoor Vela “Pavillion” for his daybed sofa that proves luxury is possible indoors and out.


Peacock Patio Daybed With Cushions
$8,695.00 BUY NOW

Party Pad -  Designed complete with a cocktail table, this daybed is as fun as it is functional, made from durable, weather-resistant materials.

Holding images_Hero (Holding) Image
Photo Courtesy of @studioshamshiri IG

Designer’s Guide to Styling Walnut Color Interiors

Forget your traditional notions of wood beauty; walnut color is front and center in modern design.
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It's hardly a coincidence that the popular 1970s tv show Little House on the Prairie depicts Americana, as chronicled by Laura Ingalls Wilder, as taking place in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. To be specific, the pioneer-founded state boasts a superior form of the Black Walnut tree popular in classic furniture and interior woodwork. Moreover, it was also the cornerstone material of early American lifestyle design, especially for simple Pennsylvania Dutch and Prairie furniture. Correspondingly, in 2020 the Little House on the Prairie tv show has made a globally syndicated comeback complete with a reboot in the plan, and, so has walnut color that formed the backdrop of many of its vignettes. Ideally, in natural form, or however simulated as a finish, the robust and versatile wood returns to the forefront of interior design.

Different Types of Walnut Wood Color

As aforementioned, one popular type of American walnut is Black Walnut. While the nuts a black walnut tree bears aren’t as preferred as its English counterpart, the wood this tree creates is sublime. Similarly, the English walnut tree is known for its constitution in materializing fine furniture, cabinetry, and architectural millwork. (It’s also known to make a guitar or two thanks to its veneer qualities; ditto for automobile and aircraft interiors.) Beyond these two most commonly used walnut types, other versions include: Claro, White, Bastogne, and Peruvian.

In terms of appearance, to be specific, one thing to consider is whether the walnut wood is kiln-dried, which is a controlled commercial drying process, or, air-dried. The latter is achieved with the proper set-up and monitoring of the wood. Following is a simple breakdown of each type of walnut lumber's characteristics according to Home

1. English Walnut:

Indeed, the most common walnut tree for eating its nuts, this wood color ranges from pale brown to chocolate brown and can have hints of purple, grey, or reddish undertones. In contrast, its sapwood (or outer layer) is nearly white. Indeed regarded as one, if not the, most expensive walnut boards, it is particularly susceptible to insect damage.

2. Black Walnut:

Similarly gorgeous in color, Black Walnut wood compares to its English counterpart in color. It also ranges in tone between pale yellow and dark chocolate brown. However, its sapwood tends to be more pale grey-yellow than white.

3. Claro Walnut:

While most closely related to Black Walnut, the Claro Walnut trees' color ranges from light brown to darker chocolate brown shade. These West Coast trees also are known for being grafted with their English counterpart to create a marbled-effect variety.

4. White Walnut:

Also referred to as Butternut, this is a lighter walnut wood than its cousins, skewing light to medium tan with a touch of a reddish hue. In general, it's more affordable and readily available. However, despite it tending to be more susceptible to insects, it produces delicious nuts.

5. Bastogne Walnut:

A human-made cross-pollination between Claro and English trees created a new breed of walnut wood. Coincidentally bearing the same name of the Belgium region of Bastogne, this wood grows faster and more robust. However, it scores low on the taste of its nuts. Definitively speaking, its heartwood ranges in color from light golden to reddish-brown. By and large, it tends to bear nearly black streaks throughout its texture.

6. Peruvian Walnut:

Another tree with a misnomer, Peruvian Walnut does not come from Peru but from Central and South America. On the whole, it is usually the darkest of the Juglans (Walnuts species name) woods. Therefore it appears in a deep chocolate color, often with a slight purple tint. It's also pricier than most domestic types of wood but generally still affordable for an import.

The Art of Walnut Color Flooring

Indeed, one of the most popular ways designers are employing this popular wood is via flooring. Most certainly, walnut wood is considered exotic. Additionally, walnut boards tend to be highly coveted for their dark, rich tones and unusual grain patterns. While extremely sustainable, this wood is not as durable as most fruitwoods are not as strong as its oak and pine counterpart. However, because it's a natural dark color that doesn't need staining in most cases, any small dents or imperfections are less prominently noticed. It's also key to mention walnut wood is considered sustainable.

Walnut Interiors_6_story image

Its rich color and patterns make this wood highly sought-after and among one of the most valuable wood floors on the design market. The sleek, uniform appearance of high-grade walnut wood instantly elevates a space to luxury standing, especially when paired with wide planks. Additionally, when rendered in wide board form, these planks conjure a modern appearance. Moreover, walnut flooring can have heaters installed underneath the planks for an added sense of interior comfort thanks to their stability and moisture-content.

Where Walnut Color Works Best?

All rooms in a house can have walnut floors, from living rooms to bathrooms. Likewise, walnut furniture and cabinetry are possible to impose throughout a house. While it may rustle up a more traditional notion, on the contrary, walnut accents in the home, or in commercial spaces, can read extremely modern. In any case, though the areas in which it's used haven't changed significantly, today's current interpretation of walnut colored wood has evolved beyond its traditional Americana roots. Accordingly, NestCasa demonstrates how walnut wood and finishes can make any room feel freshly contemporary and modern.

1. Living Room

Of course, the living room is a perfect place for walnut flooring. For instance, a room with a high ceiling can impart added drama using narrow walnut boards. But flooring is just the beginning. Dark walnut wood, in particular, can be the highlight of a room in the form of a statement piece such as a credenza. To demonstrate, Designer Laura Fulmine created this living room in a London apartment featured in The designer plucked a dark walnut lookalike sidebar from Fiona McDonald London that anchors the room which is otherwise ripe with pale neutrals, save for the wood piece and olive green couch.

Walnut Interiors_1_story image
Photo Courtesy of @laura_fulmine IG

2. Dining Room

The Dining Room practically begs for an impressive dark walnut wood display, without a doubt. Definitely, the table centerpiece allows for a large swath of walnut furniture to anchor the room. Designed by the late Polish-born Brazilian designer Jorge Zalszupin, surprisingly, this Brazilian Jacaranda wood table mimics a walnut wood texture and finish. Interior designer Nathan Litera uses this ‘conference room’ table to great success in this stark cream room within a 300-year-old Belgium chateau.

3. Kitchen

As tempting as it may be while a kitchen can support walnut wood-grain cabinetry, to point out, it’s generally not the place for walnut flooring. Ultimately, it’s not suitable for heavy use areas. Nonetheless, it is an excellent place for dark walnut accents. For instance, mustard yellow cabinets, pale tiled walls, and blonde wood flooring in this Greenwich Village, NY townhouse contrasts brilliantly with black walnut wood countertops, kitchen peninsula and a table as well as walnut wood stools and shelving.

4. Bedroom

Ideally, walnut works best in a bedroom when articulated through a bed frame, definitely the room’s centerpiece. This loft-style bedroom created by Rum Interior Design raises austerity to a luxe level. Stark white wall and rattan flooring highlight the rich bed, bench, and stool wood color that gives this room richness.

5. Bath

Suggesting walnut wood in a bathroom can sound like an oxymoron. But walnut wood color laminates and often walnut itself can be quite chic in a bathroom- and unexpected. For instance, this concrete bathroom at a secular retreat in Devon, England, designed by Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor features a Japanese-inspired walnut bathtub.

Walnut Interiors_5_story image
Photo Courtesy of @_roomonfire IG

Editors' Picks

1. 1stDIBS Staved Walnut Block Ovoid Lamp


Staved Walnut Block Ovoid Lamp
$1,200.00 BUY NOW

In a Nutshell - Made from staved block rich brown walnut gives this lamp an oval shape recalling a peanut.

2. Rose Uniacke Solid Walnut Side Table


Solid Walnut Side Table
$3,016.65 BUY NOW

Shape Story - Another striking piece from Rose Uniacke in this side table in pure form.

3. Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler Walnut Two-Tier Bedside Table


Walnut Two-Tier Bedside Table
$8,338.70 BUY NOW

Walnut Curio - A unique and practical design for this bedside table from Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler stashes books, personal items and keepsakes close by.

4. West Elm Baltimore Dining Chair


Baltimore Dining Chair, Walnut, Stone, Twill
$259.00 BUY NOW

Simple Pleasure - This pair of Balitmore dining chairs in walnut  with twill cushion exemplify the impact of design precision. 

5. Soho Home Burnsall Dining Table


Burnsall Dining Table, Walnut Base
$1,795.00 BUY NOW

Tee Top - Mimicking a tree trunk, this Burnsall dining table is top with marble results in a stunning combination of materials.

6. Rose Uniacke Large Walnut Coffee Table


Large Walnut Coffee Table
$8,093.44 BUY NOW

Simple Form - Rose Uniacke's modest design coffee table leaves the focus on the beauty of the walnut wood grain.

7. 1stDIBS Platform Bed with Walnut Headboard George Nakashima


Platform Bed with Walnut Headboard George Nakashima
$25,000.00 BUY NOW

Fit for a King or Queen - This walnut platform bed created by George Nakashima studio circa 1960s can accommodate a variety of mattresses, depending on degree of bed edge to reveal.


Salon Maison & Objet Paris_Banner
A room styled as part of the Generation Concept Verre exhibit at Maison&Objet in January 2020

Maison & Objet Postpones March Show Amid Persistent Coronavirus Pandemic

The bi-annual design show will consolidate into one show for 2021
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Show organizers announced yesterday that this year's Maison & Objet show in Paris, France- originally scheduled to begin at the end of March 2021- has been postponed and rolled into its September show. In its 25th year, the show will take place from September 9th through the 13th to coincide with Paris Design Week. This move will only require brands, designers, buyers, and press to make one trip to Paris. The timing is also synergistic for the industry as it will occur following Milan Design Week, which runs from September 5th through 10th, 2021. The move is a result of recent surveys by the show from exhibitors and attendees; and, comes on the heels of the latest virus developments in France and elsewhere in the world.

Given the uncertainty of the virus that is still filling hospitals in France and its newly-discovered highly contagious variant; and, because the world is still many months away from seeing adequate vaccine immunization strategies take effect, show organizers also felt that changing the dates was vital. 

Recent benchmarks to reopen after France’s second pandemic-related confinement period have not been met. Earlier this week, government officials noted that bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and gyms would not reopen on January 20th as expected, nor was a date set for the twice-delayed reopening of theaters, cinemas, and museums met either. The initial second phase lockdown reopening allowed for travel between regions and doing away with attestations to leave one’s home; but, involved adding an 8 PM nightly curfew.

Philippe Brocart, Managing Director of Maison & Objet, explained they had been considering this 2021 postponement when they decided to postpone the second 2020 show. Brocart told NestCasa, "With the pandemic’s uncertainty then, and now, we considered different avenues at all times," he explained. " We wanted to be prepared for either outcome, tackling each show as it came, but with the possibility of another postponement in the air - as much as we wished we could meet with everyone again in Paris sooner rather than later - the safety of our guests, exhibitors and staff has always been first.", he said.

Brocart said those involved, from exhibitors to industry and press, were understanding of the decision. "We – Maison & Objet, guests and brands – want to come together to hold a show, but we face the reality of our current situation."

The industry reacted with pluses and minuses. Sara Colombo, president and founder of NestCasa, concurs with feedback for both. Noting that the September show is usually the smaller of the two, Colombo expressed confidence at the promise of a fall show. This isn't to say the waiting will be easy. "We are craving some hands-on design experience and the hunt for new and exciting additions to our brand roster - that goes without saying!" she asserted. "Though the timing of the September show sometimes makes a delivery for the holiday season challenging for US-based buyers," she added, noting a minus.

However, digital alternatives, broken down into eight themes, will run weekly Wednesday through Friday starting on January 27th through March 19th, allowing the international buyers, exhibitors, and press to stay connected with new pieces and developments. Recently the show has featured organized digital events on its MOM (Maison & Objet and More) platform on .

We wanted to be prepared for either outcome, tackling each show as it came, but with the possibility of another postponement in the air - as much as we wished we could meet with everyone again in Paris sooner rather than later - the safety of our guests, exhibitors and staff has always been first.
                                                                                                                  - Philippe Brocart

The pandemic and the new habits it has inspired compelled Maison & Objet to expand its programming for the ‘Work! And Projects’ sectors of the show as of last year have shifted needs in terms of design and function as WFH, aka Work From Home, became the new normal. As living and commercial spaces also continually redefine themselves, Projects offers materials and creative technical solutions for optimizing hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces. While this pandemic may hopefully soon be a thing of the past, it has invariably changed the way we live, work, and play.

Holding images Hero (Holding) Image
Photo courtesy @plumguide IG

The Best New Kitchen Peninsula Ideas To Try Now

Not quite an island and more than a counter, the best new kitchen peninsulas give the chef even more to love in this room
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They say no man is an island. But is anyone a peninsula? Merriman Webster defines a peninsula as "a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body by an isthmus" (for more word describing fun - isthmus is a narrow body of land connecting two-part landmasses.) Correspondingly, a kitchen peninsula connects your cooking space to the rest of your living space.

For two reasons - the prevalence of today's open living plans coupled with kitchens becoming a central stage for life's different scenes - these handy architectural add-on’s have become quite buzzy in modern kitchen design, indeed. Here, Nest Casa studies what they are, how they function and what makes them look amazing.

Breaking It Down: The Kitchen Peninsula

First, what is a kitchen peninsula? Specifically these units differ from a freestanding kitchen island that is accessible from all sides and frequently do not contain seating. The kitchen peninsula is attached to a kitchen wall and, as a result, often forms an L-shape. 

Second, they generally contain ample storage space as well as a large surface perfect for food prep and other non-cooking activities. Most importantly, they usually have an extended top surface that allows for stool seating facing the kitchen. This casual seating serves up the perfect setting for quick, communal dining to demonstrate.

Which Spaces Are Best For Kitchen Peninsulas?

Obviously, not every space can support a kitchen peninsula. Primarily, space has to involve an open kitchen floor plan. However, the kitchen peninsula can make an excellent argument for knocking down a wall between a kitchen and the adjacent room. Alternatively, a kitchen peninsula can also work in a small open space that isn’t large enough to accommodate a freestanding kitchen island.

Certainly Nest Casa loves a kitchen peninsula stationed within a modern, expansive home, that isn't the only setting in which this design element works well. Expressly, kitchen peninsulas can work in a multitude of other types of homes. Depending on the style of materials used, even an older home can implement this architectural feature, for instance. Chiefly, older homes have highly-compartmentalized spaces, so a kitchen peninsula provides an easy option for removing non-support walls to open up a kitchen and living space to make a home feel more modern.

In particular, the kitchen featured below uses a kitchen peninsula effectively and dramatically. With its narrow galley style kitchen, which juts up against a wide set of steps, this peninsula, for example, defines the two spaces without interrupting the room's visual flow. In effect, this home remodel turned a Victorian-era home into a modern marvel.

Modern Kitchen Peninsula

The Most Inspiring Kitchen Peninsulas

The Clean Look

Notably, this Westminster London apartment featured above epitomizes what Nest Casa loves in a kitchen peninsula. Ultimately an exercise in purity and clean design, this marble peninsula serves as an architectural detail while harmoniously delineating an open space. For the fuss-free fanatic, this "Peter the Knight' apartment is especially a dream come true.

In the same vein, this HGTV featured Ford-Collin restored house project uses a massive show of Carrera marble to anchor the calm, neutral color palette of white and varying shades of unfinished wood. Not every home (or cook) requires seating, so this version particularly demonstrates the visual impact of a seat-free kitchen peninsula.

2_Houzz_u-shaped eat-in kitchen
Photo Courtesy

Space Savers

As previously mentioned, kitchen peninsulas can also be perfect for petite spaces. The Dziurdzia Project in Warsaw, Poland, specializes in design for small apartments, in general. This 62-meter apartment functions as well as it looks. To emphasize, the white kitchen peninsula with tiles in sage green, and accented by natural wood, weaves in the apartment’s tonal and textural themes to register a sense of continuity while working to effectively separate the space.

The Invisible Peninsula

Then, there is the seamless kitchen peninsula.This home significantly defines the magic of space and light when combined in the right context. Set in the American Southwest desert, this midcentury design dream house plays upon the desert's monochromatic color scheme, layering shades of brown. To emphasize, the kitchen peninsula is camouflaged as it rests between the dining room and kitchen. Given the relaxed comfort of this home, it makes it the perfect spot for dining for two when the eight-seat formal table is not in need.

1_equipe.equipe IG
Photo Courtesy @equipe.equipe IG

The Best Styling Accessories For Kitchen Peninsulas

Ideally, once a kitchen peninsula is realized within a home, the goal is to keep it visually clean. In other words, do not make this a place to let your daily life chtockies accumulate. According to Sara Colombo, Nest Casa founder, anything exposed out in the open should be beautiful to look at and coordinate with the surrounding area.

Countertop Accessories

Of course, this isn't to say that these things can be functional, too. For example, dramatic fruit bowls, intricate trays, decorative jar sets, and barware can all make your kitchen peninsula as purposeful as it is visually inspiring.


Intuizioni Large Bowl
$740.00 BUY NOW

Gold Fill - By and large, this asymmetrical Intuizioni bowl from Zenetto looks equally good full of produce or starkly empty.


Bleus D'Ailleurs Large Salad Bowl
Price Upon Request Buy Now

The Great Blue Divide - Merging the influences found at the intersection of Europe and the Far East, eyeing this Hermés bowl daily is a treat indeed.


Teo Oval Serving Bowl - Large
$395.00 BUY NOW

How Riveting - To be sure, the combination of its black body, gold studding and oval shapes makes this L'Object Teo serving bowl a standout.

Jonathan Adler

Palm Springs Dots Bowl
$795.00 BUY NOW

Feelin Dotty - Obviously, Jonathan Adler's Palm Springs graphic black and white bowl will liven up any space.

1st Dibs

Sugar Fruit Bowl By Ettore Sottsass
$2,050.00 BUY NOW

Conversation Starter - 1st Dibs Sugar Fruit Bowl definitely begs an explanation, what better place than a kitchen peninsula to discuss.

StoneLab Design

4 Seasons Set of 3 Black And White Marble Jugs
$830.00 BUY NOW

Jars of Stature - These StoneLab design 4 season black and white marble impose a decorative stance for storage.

The Marble House

Marble Oval Tray
$1200 Buy Now

Pratical Abstraction - Marble House's oval tray is an intriguing piece of artwork on one hand and sturdy surface to present food on the other.

AVF Home

Voltage Cocktail Tray White
$250.00 - $350 Buy Now

Clearly, A Winner - This clear stackable tray set from AVF Home defines versatility and serves up nicely come cocktail hour.

FiammettaV Home Collection

White Marble And Wood Thick Cutting Board
$205.00 BUY NOW

Wood Cuts - The best of both worlds' is captured in this FiammettaV Home Collection  marble and wood cutting board.

Stefano Raffa

Pear Wood Cutting Board
$770.00 BUY NOW

Rustic Charm - This pear wood cutting board from Stefano Ruffo breaks it down to the beauty of raw, simple wood.

Saint-Louis Crystal

Oxymore Decanter
$705 Buy Now

A Cut Above - A decanter statement piece from Saint-Louis Crystal gives any kitchen peninsula a clear style advantage.

Clever Cube - A handsome cube in black lacquer disguises a sleek ice bucket from Arca Horn.

Seating Options

In general, most kitchen peninsula designs  involve an edit of seating options. Even if a barstool brings to mind a bar scene (chic or otherwise), it's essential to realize how these practical seats can add specific design flare. Based on materials, seating can add depth and texture to a peninsula. First, though, the trick is to decide which style suits your purpose: ie. with or without a back? Next, the tricky part will be deciding which style to option. Here are just a few of the myriad of the chicest kitchen peninsula seating styles to choose from.


Golia Bar Stool By Maurizio Peregalli
$540.00 BUY NOW

Upon A Pedestool - Like the name Zeus implies, this Golia bar stool by Maurizio Peregalli presents a deep cushion seat atop a pointed four-legged base.

One Kings Lane

Sawyer Saddle Bar Stool
$345.00 BUY NOW

Saddle Up - Classic and refined and extremely comfortable, this Sawyer Saddle Bar Stool from One King's Lane brings the range home.  


Contemporary Klismos Fabric Stool
$600.00 BUY NOW

To A T - Restoration Hardware's elegant Contemporary Klismos fabric stool contrasts dark wood and soft, pale cushion.

Mark Albrecht Studio

High Woven Back Counter Stool
Price upon request BUY NOW

Dream Weavers - In grey or black, Mark Albrecht's Studio updates a classic folding lawn chair into these modern  counter stools

Serena & Lily

Portside Counter Stool
$698.00 BUY NOW

Old World Charm - Woven seagrass set back and seat paired with smooth, earth tone wood frame makes this antique stool a forever chair.

Missoni Home

Mister Black And White Bar Stool
$1,885.00 BUY NOW

A  Zebra In The House - Missoni Home's  bar stool weaves the iconic pattern in black and white for a wild (animal) effect.

Holding images 2Hero (Holding) Image
Photo courtesy of Sara Colombo

Interior Designer’s Guide To Using The Color Lavender At Home

Violet pales by comparison to this sophisticated saccharine shade of lavender.
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The lavender fields of Provence, France, definitely are a sight to behold. This natural bath of color has inspired artists for centuries, indeed. The plant is not only soothing to look at; it has some pretty impressive medicinal calming effects too. Clearly, this is why we call the pastel version of purple, aka lavender. Resting in the natural world is one thing, but how does one incorporate the color lavender into the home?

Of course, there have been periods in design which may have given the color a bad rap as a hue favored by little girls or a shade chosen for an exterior of a 'painted lady' Victorian house. (In general, this trend of painting exteriors of Victorian and Edwardian era houses two or three usually pastel colors such as blue, green, yellow, and lavender began in San Francisco in the 1960s.)

However, the color's appeal can go beyond its visual impact. For instance, many consider lavender to be a graceful and elegant color associated with refined wealthy women, a spin-off of purple-clad royalty. Furthermore, while it said that wearers are friendly and open-minded, it also linked to intuition and mystery., 

Here, Nest Casa dissects the color lavender, often called the 'grown-up pink,' and shows just how sophisticated this hue can be.


In order to achieve an elegant rendition of this pigment in your space, you must first understand how or how not to use it. Nest Casa Sara Colombo states that green is lavender's best color combination. As an illustration, she is pictured here in her office, featuring lavender drapes and lampshade offset with a moss green pattern carpet and a palm tree leaf's green. Of course, it must be the correct shade of green. For instance, a simple pastel with strong yellow tones may not achieve an elevated look. 

Ladurée Green

To demonstrate, quite to perfection is Parisian macaron brand Ladurée in this Geneva outpost. The French cookie delicacy is made in a rainbow of colors, which manifests in the store interiors. In fact, the brand colors are greyish, light green, and intense lavender. Interior design India Mahdavi gave the green a slightly mossy tone for walls and curtains in this dining area with lavender seating. She grounds the intense hues in a charcoal and white diamond pattern flooring.

Additionally, deep rich emerald green can also be a color to pair with lavender. This combo also gives it a more masculine appeal. In like manner, is a classic navy blue? Any rule this shade can't appeal to the male gender?

Granted that, there are colors to avoid, though, when trying to achieve an upscale rendition of the soft hue. First, traditional purples can easily take the color into overkill. Second, pastel pinks, as a rule, keep lavender in the sappy sweet zone. Third, although it may be lavender's color wheel compliment, pale yellow and lavender bring to mind an easter egg hunt. 


Some of the best iterations of using the color lavender in a home or commercial space are compliments of the famed De Gournay wallcoverings. These hand-painted wallpapers almost always feature birds and exude a sense of Orientalism. They are coveted the world over for their beautiful tableaus. Along with Chinoiserie, other popular themes include 19th-century French Scenic, Art Nouveau, and Art deco.

A London Home

Most definitely, de Gournay wall coverings lend themselves to a color tableau that includes lavender. With that in mind, de Gournays’ Instagram featured this London home. Design designer Thomas Hamel designed several hand-painted panels called ‘Le Bresil’ in an entrance hall to welcome guests. In particular, the faded lavender velvet sofa is how the color, when muted with a grey, is the epitome of high style.

A Palm Beach Store

The French wallpaper marque also highlighted their creations in the Kirna Zabete store in Palm Beach. The New York founded specialty fashion boutique founded by Beth Buccini enlisted the same designer, Steven Gambrel, to create a posh shopping oasis in the upscale Florida location. In effect, by toning down any artifice of the pastel shade of lavender by adding grey, make this de Gournay tropical floral-themed wall covering beyond gorgeous. As an example, this velvet settee, paired with marble accents, almost skews grey.


As demonstrated by Colombo, adding a bit of lavender here and there and pairing them with the right colors - in this case, any shade of green - is the easiest way to incorporate the color lavender into your space. Explicitly speaking, accent accessories, wall treatments, upholstery, and carpets are sure-fire ways to add this soothing shade into your homes' existing decor.

1. Accents/ Accessories

Side Table

Moreover, small accent pieces and accessories are the safest way to incorporate lavender into your existing color scheme. Dubbed the mojito and margarita, certainly, these irresistible side tables add the right dose of hue for their spicy nature. Star interior designer India Mahdavi designed these for #cheznina at the Nilufar Gallery in 2018.


In a similar fashion, colored glass vases and objet d’art do the trick and are perfect for non-committal design types. To specify, one of Nest Casa’s favorite glass designers is a Danish artist and designer, Helle Mardahl. The Copenhagen-based glass ‘maestro’ uses mouth-blown techniques to realize her bulbous, asymmetrical milky glass vases, plates, jars, and other dishes, for instance. These delightful vessels beg classification as impossible-to-own-too-many.


As a matter of fact, a favorite motto at Nest Casa is that throw pillows are the best way to add a pop of color. The most compelling evidence of this is Ikat-dyed styles that contrast a unique custom embroidery headboard and play nicely with velvet color block. Similarly, lavender pillows with silk fringe trim contrast perfectly with black and white houndstooth check chairs in the 1 Place Vendome restaurant.

2. Wall Treatments

Walls, especially when used as an accent wall, are another method for incorporating the color lavender. This kitchen Milan-inspired design kitchen uses a pinkish lavender to create a wall of cabinets.

Once again, de Gournay stuns with wallpaper in the lavender vein. Set to a midnight blue background, this ‘Abbasi in the Sky’ wallpaper in shades of lavender and purple in this Doha Townhouse becomes the only focal point needed in this room.

3. Upholstery

Likewise, upholstery is another to quickly and relatively easily implement the color lavender. Once again, de Gournay takes the prize for the use of lavender. For their Paris showroom, India Mahdavi recreated a private apartment using this Dedar Milano textile in moiré, Amoir Libre in s sultry shade of the color.

4. Carpets

This classic color combo of cream textiles and trim paired with mahogany wood furniture are given dramatic effect with bright green walls and wall to wall lavender carpet that creates a sea of lavender.

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