Colors That Go With Purple: An Interior Designer’s Guide

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We’ve tapped some of the most skilled eyes in the industry to impart their knowledge on how to chicly integrate the powerful hue, and properly coordinate colors that go with purple into any milieu.

A purple color palette can combine in a multitude of unexpected hues, and remains in heavy rotation across the design world. An oft-referred to colorway that can easily transform a space and make it more dynamic, purple continues to inform the designs of everything from Spanish housing projects to ultra-popular commercial pop-ups, and the carefully-curated interiors of America’s most lauded designers. We’ve tapped some of the most skilled eyes in the industry to impart their knowledge on how to chicly integrate the powerful hue, and properly coordinate colors that go with purple into any milieu.


La Muralla Roja is a stunning housing project located within the La Manzanera development in Spain’s Calpe region. It incorporates clear references to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean Area, which is a result of the architects’ fascination with the tradition of the casbah. The striking hues in this project work with a myriad of colors that go with purple, including a range of pinks and blues that cover the outer and inner facades. Another space is the interior of the Hangzhou V+ Lounge, which serves as the brand’s third branch in China. Designed together by Studio Waffles and LYCS Architecture, the concept of the sixth floor is dubbed the infinite West Lake. Seamlessly connected with reflective material, the space is simple, yet dynamic, and culls inspiration from a water metaphor. The whole space flows like a “delicate curve left by a tiny boat cut through the West Lake.” Highly-reflective materials and flexible ribbon-like trail in from scattering lights near the corridor to create one a space of epic fluidity and beauty. Luis Barragan’s San Cristobal Stables in Mexico, for its part, relies on scarce ornamentation and focuses instead on functionality. The grand stage for promenading horses, is made all the more impressive vis-a-vis its grand architectural scale and artful incorporation of the many colors that go with purple. In this way, this space becomes a compelling mix of a traditional design vernacular articulated through the lens of modern experimentation.

Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja

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Wave Structure

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Luis Barragan’s San Cristobal Stables in Mexico

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commercial spaces

Luxury brand Gucci brought a splash of 70’s-era glam to the South Central Bank in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. It transformed the vacant space into a disco-inspired “GG Psychedelic Pin pop-up experience.” Inspired by the “pins seen on interactive digital maps,” the store is dedicated to debuting a collection that is “all about color, energy, impact and a dreamlike spirit,” Gucci mused in a press release. From yellow hues to silver highlights on the disco balls, there is a kaleidoscopic myriad of colors that go with purple incorporated throughout the store. In England, British heritage brand, Asprey, has established itself as a quintessentially luxury goods brand with a worldwide reputation. It taps into the color purple not only in its products, but in its architecture. Asprey commissioned projects on two of the most famous shopping streets in the world – New Bond Street in London and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – referring to purple as the colorway to deliver on its design mandate to “promote the timelessness, values, and craftsmanship associated with Asprey’s goods through contemporary design.”

Gucci Pop Up in Chicago

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Asprey London

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interior design

Fenton & Fenton is a cutting-edge interiors concept launched by Lucy Fenton. Inspired by Fenton’s experiences traveling around the world, she offers a unique perspective anchored by mixing and matching statement accoutrements to stand-out effect. Renowned for bringing “color, texture, pattern, energy, and flair” into homes and bringing spaces to life, this space is a prime example. Everything from the pink flower motifs to the abstract art and honeycomb-inspired rug fuse colors that go with purple into a room that exudes elegance and eccentricity. Dulux is an internationally-distributed brand of architectural paint. Here, it uses one of its paints to completely transform a room. Luxurious and malleable, purple is elegant and can feel formal in deeper, darker tones. In more muted shades, it can lend the impression of a casual and more relaxed setting. In this space, it conjures a dramatic mood and works with one of the best colors that go with purple: gold. Kingston Lafferty is a designer that has worked on a bevy of amazing projects. This Victorian home uses a lighter shade of purple to add drama, emotion, and soul to the space. The injection of rich, gloss tones, gilded lighting fixtures, and colorful details create a warm welcome that merge effortlessly with the color purple to create a warm and inviting milieu.

Fenton and Fenton

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Purple on Interior Walls

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Purple Interior

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