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The 17 Best Planters to Add Life to Your Home

Show your plants a little love.
by Carolyn Hanson Mar 20, 2023

Houseplants are an absolute obsession for many people—and Nest Casa is totally on board with that. Indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress levels and can even have therapeutic properties. Did we mention that they make pretty great and expressive decorative items? Outside of basic terracotta pots, though, there are many styles of planters and plant stands that you likely haven’t seen or considered. In fact, a planter or plant stand can be just as important a part of a home’s décor as the plant that’s in it. 

Best Plant Stands

Because there’s not always a chic corner vanity or end table for you to place your plants on, you may have to look for a plant stand. This is particularly true if you’re trying to ensure your plant gets enough light from a high window. Luckily, we’ve found a wicker plant stand—as well as a metal plant stand and a number of pedestal plant stands—for you to choose from. If you’re choosing something tiered, try placing a crystal or two on the lower tier for an energetically charged piece of décor. You could also try decorating with small books or magazines for a look that says you’re well-read.

Plants and Light

While finding the right plant and pot aesthetically is very important, you’re not going to be able to keep the plant alive for very long if you don’t have the right amount of light and humidity in the area where it’s residing. It only makes sense: A plant that is meant to survive in the dark, damp environment of the tropical rainforest floor isn’t going to thrive in a high-sun, desert environment. Conversely, something like a cactus will need a lot of light and thrive most when there is virtually no humidity. It’s all about choosing the correct plant for the space and positioning it in an area that has a light level that’s best for it. Thankfully, a good plant stand can help.

Potting Plants

Again, choosing a suitable pot for your new plant isn’t always just about looks. While you might want to hang that Calathea, tropical plants like prayer plants need to be potted in a vessel that drains easily so as to not drown your plant. Not all pots need holes, though, as some species have evolved to be more tolerant to wet environments. Those are the ones you can use for hanging plants without worrying about water dripping to the floor. Ceramic and terracotta plant pots also help wick moisture away from soil and prevent overwatering. 

Pets and Plants

Unfortunately, not all plants are safe for all homes. Just as you, a human, know not to chew on certain plants for fear that they might make you sick, you should ensure that your furry friends don’t have access to things that may hurt them. Some of the most common and easiest houseplants (like Philodendrons, Pothos, and ZZ plants) are unfortunately just not pet friendly. If you have a dog, it may be easier to keep the plants away from them if you keep them up high. Luckily, there are plenty out there that are easy to take care of and safe for your four-legged pals.

Market Edit:

1. Willy Guhl Sculptural Hourglass Planter in Green

Willy Guhl

Sculptural Hourglass Planter in Green
$1,750.00 BUY NOW

From Willy Guhl—who was instrumental to the evolution of furniture design in Switzerland—comes an hourglass-shaped mid-century plant stand with a beautiful patina that only age can bring. Fill this planter with something lush, vine-based, and green that doesn’t need any drainage. We suggest a lipstick plant (a.k.a., an Aeschynanthus).

2. Arthur Umanoff Standing Planters

Arthur Umanoff

Standing Planters
$140.00 BUY NOW

Initially designed by Arthur Umanoff in the 1960s, these rattan and metal plant stands are wonderful for drawing attention to your leafy friends. Buy just one to spruce up a corner—or, buy all three to add a multi-level pop of life to any room.

3. Light + Ladder Eleva Planter & Plinth

Light + Ladder

Eleva Planter & Plinth
$160.00 BUY NOW

This planter and plinth combination takes porcelain planters to a new level, literally. Practically made for minimally decorated homes, the planter features white and gray tones offset the greenery.

4. Hawkins New York Footed Terra-Cotta Planters

Hawkins New York

Footed Terra-Cotta Planters
$25.00 BUY NOW

If you’re angling for a more earthy feel, no material is better than terracotta. These planters mix the classic earthenware with high-end design. 

5. Anthropologie Ridged Terracotta Pot


Ridged Terracotta Pot
$28.00 BUY NOW

A wicker planter is timeless in a natural way. It’s also versatile enough for any room in the house.

6. Anthropologie Woven Planters


Woven Planters, Set of 3
$48.00 BUY NOW

Woven from straw and jute, this set of three baskets will effectively brighten any corner that needs a bit of life. There’s no drainage hole, though, so be sure to pick the right plant.

7. Galvanized Iron Plant Stand


Iron Plant Stand
Price upon request BUY NOW

Galvanized iron gives these two-tiered metal plant stands an added texture. It’s also an incredibly durable material, meaning that the stands will be with you for years to come.

8. Ballard Designs Gordon Planters

Ballard Designs

Gordon Planters
$279.00 BUY NOW

Classical pots like these give a regal air to the yard they’re put in. In particular, they look great with ferns.

9. 1stdDIBS Contemporary Octagon Narcissus Planter


Contemporary Octagon Narcissus Planter / Pot in Pink Rosa Perlino Terrazzo
$2,113.54 BUY NOW

Terrazzo is so on-trend right now. This pink octagonal planter is the ultimate unexpected splash of color and shape. 

10. Max Ingrand, Midcentury Planter, France, C. 1966

Max Ingrand

Midcentury Planter, France, C. 1966
$8,500.00 BUY NOW

This mid-century French planter by Max Ingrand features gilded wood, making any plant look more formidable.

11. 1stDIBS Unusual Set of Eight Faux Bois Concrete Planters from France, Circa 1950


Unusual Set of Eight Faux Bois Concrete Planters from France, Circa 1950
$9,800.00 BUY NOW

These eight faux bois (or, false wood that’s often handmade) planters come from 1950s France. They’re fairly large, so stagger them around a garden for a forest-like effect.

12. CB2Duox Small Terracotta Planter


Duox Small Terracotta Planter
$39.95 BUY NOW

Made of ribbed terracotta, this planter is great for outdoor spaces. Group a few together or spread them apart for a cohesive-looking arrangement.

13. Celerie Kemble for One Kings Lane Kit Chippendale Large Planter

Celerie Kemble for One Kings Lane

Kit Chippendale Large Planter, Celadon
$445.00 BUY NOW

Manufactured in a modern iteration of the Chinese Chippendale style first introduced by Thomas Chippendale, this Celerie Kemble for One Kings Lane collaboration comes in a beautiful sage color.

14. Christopher Spitzmiller Large Marble Cache Pot

Christopher Spitzmiller

Large Marble Cache Pot
$565.00 BUY NOW

This made-to-order marble planter can be made in 15 different colors, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s décor.

15. Christopher Spitzmiller Medium Round Faux Bois Cache Pot

Christopher Spitzmiller

Medium Round Faux Bois Cache Pot
$665.00 BUY NOW

Another faux bois planter, this hyper-contemporary item can come in five different colors and with or without handles.

16. Chairish Ceramic Lemon Planter, Yellow


Ceramic Lemon Planter, Yellow
$420.00 BUY NOW

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon-inspired large ceramic planter. This piece is certainly eye-catching. Plus, you can bet that nobody you know will have anything like it.

17. Moda Domus, Set-Of-Two Hand-Painted Medium Scalloped Ceramic Planters

Moda Domus

Set-Of-Two Hand-Painted Medium Scalloped Ceramic Planters
$190.00 BUY NOW

Italian-made pots like these could go anywhere inside your home and look amazing—and they come in all sorts of fun colors. Put them in your kitchen against a fancy new backsplash for an elevated look.

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