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17 Mid-Century Modern Nightstands For Every Bedroom Style

With details such as gold leafing and black lacquer, these mid-century modern bedside tables are chic additions to any boudoir.
Dickson Wong Jul 19, 2021
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Mid-century modern, as a style today, is defined by its clean lines, warm wood tones, streamlined silhouettes, and tapered legs. In the bedroom, a pair of mid-century modern nightstands offers classic form and function, providing both modern flair and practical storage. They’re also surprisingly versatile: While they blend seamlessly into mid-century modern style bedrooms, they also mix beautifully with other furniture and design styles. For instance, a set of matching bedside tables in creamy off-white will look equally at ease in modern, minimalist, or coastal settings. 

There are endless mid-century modern nightstands available in today’s market—along with classic, vintage pieces that date all the way back to the style’s true origins in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. Here’s a quick look at how mid-century modern design has evolved over recent years.

Mid-Century Modern Style: Then and Now

Mid-century modern design may have originated back in the middle of the 20th century, but the style became the go-to interior aesthetic more recently, during the past two decades. This is thanks to its revival in the aughts, when Millennials kicked off a throwback trend that put a spotlight on the era’s vintage furniture and décor. In the early 2000s, mid-century modern furniture was still widely considered to be collector's items. However, as a generation of savvy, young design lovers sought out these old pieces, making them feel new again for the home, there was a renewed focus on the aesthetic. 

In 2006, mid-century modern architecture was celebrated in the first-ever Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California. The desert oasis has long been home to some of the world’s most famous structures from that era by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and Frank Lloyd Wright—and, so, the event was a fitting homage. From there, a gradual but increasingly widespread appreciation for mid-century modern design followed. It became easy to spot iconic chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, Hans Wegner, and Eero Saarinen, which suddenly became common staples in designer living rooms everywhere. Danish modern sofas and vintage walnut sideboards became in high demand, both in auction houses and in second-hand shops. This revisit to 1960s style was suddenly all the rage, fueled in part by the fashions and interiors depicted on the Mad Men TV series as well as by the general rise in recession-era thrifting that was happening at the time. 

In the years following, a new crop of design visionaries started experimenting with hybrid styles in interiors and architecture, merging some of the most influential design styles from our past, such as mid-century modern with Art Deco and minimalism with industrial. Through this lens, a new roster of contemporary designers, such as Sasha Bikoff and Summer Thornton, have reimagined modern home design for today They have pushed the boundaries of classic furniture and décor styles while embracing fresh color palettes, new materials, and unexpected forms and details.

The Continuing Influence of Mid-Century Modern Design

With that in mind, mid-century modern design has not only stood the test of time but it has also inspired much of the contemporary furnishings we see in the market today. That, of course, includes mid-century modern style furniture and décor for the bedroom: sometimes, it’s a platform bed that takes after the low-slung silhouettes of classic modernist designs—and others, it’s a double-drawer nightstand on tapered legs, inspired by the shapes and forms popularized by the Eameses. 

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mid-century modern bedside tables, ranging from vintage lacquered chests to modern renditions with handwoven caning. These are sure to inspire your own bedroom design.

Shop The Best Mid Century Modern Nighstands


Vintage MCM Michael Taylor for Baker Curved Nightstands - a Pair
$1,250.00 BUY NOW

Designed by Michael Taylor for renowned furniture manufacturer Baker, these vintage mid-century modern bedside tables date to the late 20th century. They continue to add gorgeous sculptural appeal to the bedroom. The unexpected, curved silhouettes resembling crescent moons make for a beautiful juxtaposition alongside an angular bed, while the polished honey wood tone brings a touch of warmth. The spacious, open-shelf compartments offer ample storage space for books and bedside essentials. 

How To Style Them: 

Try topping these nightstands with equally sculptural and captivating table lamps. A pair with rounded bases and cylindrical elements will bring focus to the bedsides while elevating the overall focus in the room.

Paul Frankl

Pair of Paul Frankl White Lacquered Nightstands or Side Tables
$6,500.00 BUY NOW

With a creamy off-white lacquer finish and brass X pulls, these circa-1940s mid-century modern bedside tables give off a quiet elegance. This is a hallmark of iconic designer Paul Frankl’s sculptural creations, which are known for their coastal sensibility and tropical appeal. The fall front and the double drawers on these nightstands make for unique and practical usage.

How To Style Them:

Top off these pristine chests with an array of coastal décor and accents. Consider a beach-inspired table lamp and a Pinetti tray, which gives a white-on-white look. Then, mix in a scented candle and a woven picture frame and you’ve got a perfect bedside vignette.


Hover your mouse over an image to zoom. Quincy Nightstand
$348.00 BUY NOW

Crafted from acacia wood with English dovetail joinery construction and brushed-brass hardware, this nightstand boasts a classic mid-century modern–inspired silhouette. A pair of these tables will bring a beautiful artisanal touch to the bedroom. The subtle wood graining and sculpted facade also provide added visual texture and interest. 

How To Style Them: 

Take a cue from the warm wood tone and bring in accents with organic appeal. Think: A leafy potted plant with a miniature woven bowl or tray that acts as a catchall for jewelry, glasses, and phones. A gold objet or sculpture will also complement the warm wood.

Tommi Parzinger

Tommi Parzinger Bleached Maple Nightstands
$8,500.00 BUY NOW

If you’re looking for nightstands that serve up a hint of glamour and decadence, consider these vintage mid-century modern ones trimmed with 22-karat gold leafing. It’s a lavish detail that is a signature of Tommi Parzinger’s coveted designs. Arrange these bleached maple nightstands in either a traditional or a maximalist bedroom setting. These neutral pieces can keep up with vivid colors, patterned linens, and plenty of bold décor. 

How To Style Them: 

You can’t go wrong with chic accents that further play up the extravagant appeal of these nightstands. Mix in a lucite tray, marble bookends, and an elegant box or ashtray as a holding vessel. For a vibrant finishing touch, add a vase of colorful fresh flowers.

Osvaldo Borsani

Osvaldo Borsani Low Tables
$10,500.00 BUY NOW

For those who prefer a tailored look, this set of mid-century modern bedside tables by architect Osvaldo Borsani offers stunning craftsmanship with a touch of Italian modernist style. The mahogany wood with fluting and thea rose-tinted, mirrored top inset make for elegant details that captivate both up close and from afar. 

How To Style Them: 

Bring out the exquisite beauty of these nightstands by topping them with artful objects and sculptures that nod to its craftsmanship. A Murano glass bowl or vase is sure to offer a pretty pop of color and shine.

American of Martinsville

Exceptional Restored Pair of Modern Chests by American of Martinsville
$22,000.00 BUY NOW

With intricate fluting and wormhole detailing on the facades, these expertly restored, circa-1950s mid-century modern nightstands (in a cream-colored lacquer finish) capture the timeless beauty of American craftsmanship. Perfectly versatile in style, they can easily be pulled into a modern or contemporary bedroom—or, they can serve as bold statement pieces in a traditional setting. 

How To Style Them: 

When it comes to accenting exquisitely crafted pieces, artisanal décor that reflects a shared dedication to craft is always a stylish move. Try layering a vintage, hand-carved table lamp and arranging hand-blown glass bowls and other objects on top of these nightstands to play up an elevated look.

Stewart MacDougall & Kipp Stewart

Rare Pair of Kipp Stewart & Stewart Mac Dougall Walnut Nightstands
$4,500.00 BUY NOW

Refined additions to any guest or main bedroom, these mid-century modern walnut nightstands have curvy, A-frame legs that give them a unique sophistication. Painstakingly restored to its original 1950s beauty, these exceptional tables can find a home in a traditional, rustic, or modern bedroom space. The best part? They can also easily work as elegant end tables.  

How To Style Them: 

Make the most of the cantilevered, lower-tier shelf. It provides ample surface space for holding books, bedside essentials, and a water carafe while the table top is just wide enough for a low-profile lamp. 


Pair of Tempo Group Nightstands
$7,800.00 BUY NOW

Make a stylish statement with these eye-catching mid-century modern bedside tables. With their rounded side cutouts, three-tiered shelving, and light, elm wood tone, this duo can be a practical and unexpected addition to a traditional bedroom or, even, a children’s room. At 15 inches deep and 24 inches wide, these are also perfect for small spaces and apartments, where storage that takes up minimal square footage is crucial.

How To Style Them: 

If you’re pressed for storage space, these nightstands are the perfect double-duty solution. Try using them as bedside bookcases filled with all your nighttime reading and extra hardcovers. Or, try arranging a mix of boxes and vessels to corral smaller objects and keep organized. In a children’s room, these make for charming bookshelves that can hold toys.

Baker Furniture Company

Baker End Tables, circa 1950s
$2,400.00 BUY NOW

Dating from the 1950s, these white satin lacquer bedside tables offer classic mid century modern appeal. They make for chic nightstands alongside a wood-framed bed, or they can play up the traditional elegance of an upholstered one. Their versatile style (and finished back) means that they can easily be pulled into any living space as end tables as well.

How To Style Them: 

These tables provide the perfect blank canvas for bedside décor and accents. Just be sure to maintain their airy look by keeping to minimal styling on the surfaces. Try different accent pairings, such as a sculptural table lamp with a miniature statue for an artful display or a woven tray with a coral box for a coastal nod.


Mid Century Modern Ebonized Black Lacquer End Tables - a Pair
$3,800.00 BUY NOW

It doesn’t get more glam than these vintage, ebonized mid-century modern nightstands. The black lacquer finish on these bedside chests instantly make them high-style focal points in any bedroom. They’ll fit seamlessly into a glamorous space with maximalist flourishes, such as bold prints and jewel tones—but, they’re also equally primed for minimalist rooms where they stand out as high-contrast anchors flanking a bed. 

How To Style Them: 

Layer luxe with luxe. Whether it’s a lacquer tray, a hand-blown glass table lamp, a lucite tray, or a tufted jewelry box, these nightstands are made for carrying (and showcasing) captivating accents. 

1st Dibs

Pair of Nightstands Side Cabinets Bedside Tables French, Mid-Century
$1,198.06 BUY NOW

The variation of woods and graining, the lacquered drop-front drawers, and the polished brass hardware give these French mid-century modern nightstands a regal air. They’re refined pieces that will shine in a traditional bedroom setting, pairing beautifully with a lavish upholstered bed and colorful linens. 

How To Style Them: 

Crystal table lamps and bright, decorative bowls are tasteful ways to round out the surfaces of these tables, adding a dose of Old World elegance. The deep drop-front drawer is perfect for keeping nighttime reads, stationery, and candles within easy reach.


Marcelle Charging Nightstand
$448.00 BUY NOW

This mid-century modern–inspired nightstand marries subtle paneling with a smooth white marble top, which lends unexpectedly chic style. The brass hardware with marble rings and the rounded tapered legs offer an added streamlined appeal. Plus, the built-in USB port gives it a thoughtful, 21st-century twist. 

How To Style Them: 

To balance out the various material elements at play, keep to minimalist accents with a low-profile for the marble surface. Think about a globe lamp or a task light (instead of a table lamp), a slim tray with no handles, or a phone charging pad that stays on the table top. Even out the surface by filling the bottom with books, baskets, and boxes for loose items.

Serena & Lily

Reese Nightstand
$698.00 BUY NOW

There’s more than meets the eye in this compact nightstand, which is made with gorgeous, cerused oak and Asian-inspired, carved legs. A lower drawer adds a nice storage element while a hidden, slide-out shelf just below the table top provides a convenient surface for resting a pair of glasses or a water carafe. At 15 inches deep and 20 inches wide, it’s an ideal option for a small bedroom. 

How To Style Them: 

For a pair of these compact nightstands, functional styling is key. Opt for accents and décor that serve practical purposes to maximize these small wonders. Stack books horizontally in the lower compartment and use the surface for organization.

Serena & Lily

Bar Island Nightstand
$1,598.00 BUY NOW

Channel island living with these bedside chests that capture the breezy ethos of seaside homes. From the lightly textured, salt-washed finish to the drawer fronts featuring hand-woven caning, this nightstand provides laid-back style with an elevated twist. 

How To Style Them:

Bring the outdoors in by topping this nightstand with some organic finishing touches. Try a vase of leafy botanicals, a vessel of fresh flowers, a scented candle that transports you to the beach, or a coral sculpture that drives home an island vibe.  

Made Good

Pierre Nightstand - Off White/Oak - Single
$2,548.00 BUY NOW

Inspired by 1960s furniture designs, this mid-century modern–style nightstand adds instant retro appeal to a bedroom. Handmade entirely from oak with a faux shagreen drawer front, this bedside table delivers a pared-down look that brings to mind the simplicity of vintage Danish modern designs.

How To Style Them:

Whether you’re opting for one of these nightstands or a pair, minimal styling will keep the focus on the beautiful textures that are already at play. Keep to neutral accents, such as white ceramics, leather boxes, and black-and-white art for a clean-lined look.


Crimped Gold Leaf Nightstand
$587.70 BUY NOW

A statement piece that is pure opulence, this crimped nightstand is a showstopper. The hand-applied gold leafing is dialed up with brass-finished hardware and faux-leather handles, each adding a hint of Old World decadence to the classic mid-century modern silhouette. Whether it’s paired with neutral furnishings or similarly eye-catching designs, this nightstand will be an instant star in any bedroom setting.

How To Style Them:

Aim for bold colors, bold shapes, and bold finishes, which will keep up with the gold-leaf detailing. Think: sculptural table lamps with colorful photography and paintings, lacquered trays and faux shagreen boxes. Layer in any vintage accessories and accents, such as Murano glass ashtrays and paperweights. More is more is more.


Vintage 1950s Jacqurs Adnet Oak Night Stands - a Pair
$2,845.00 BUY NOW

This pair of charming oak nightstands by renowned French designer Jacques Adnet is a modernist, Art Deco dream. The open, geometric, cross-shaped cutouts on the sides and the raised edges along the top give this piece an architectural appeal. The warm finish of the oak wood contributes a distinctly mid-century modern look.

How To Style Them:

Use the elegant cutouts as inspiration and layer on additional geometric accents. Consider table lamps featuring abstract shapes and patterns, colorful cut-crystal bowls and votives, and malachite- and horn-accented trays. They’ll add some vibrant contrast to the warm oak wood.

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