Burlesque Scented Candle

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Once again opera singer, Lina Cavalieri has inspired Fornasetti’s creativity. Her enigmatic expression and classical features made her an ideal muse. Two images are used for the front and back of the ‘Burlesque’ candle. ‘Tema e Variazioni’ #78 (face with veil) and #22 (face with mask). The duality of both images adds a touch of irony that is typical of Fornasetti.

Size: 4″L x 4″W x 6.5″H



The 20th century Italian surrealist designer Piero Fornasetti was known around the world for his striking portraits of a wide-eyed opera singer named Lina Cavalieri. Rendered most often in black and white, his designs are immediately recognizable. Greek and Roman architecture, playing cards and dice, hot air balloons, the sun and moon, and elegant hands that point to objects of interest were the signature motifs of Fornasetti’s work. Today, the company he founded is overseen by his son, designer Barnaba Fornasetti, who has breathed new life into his father’s firm. Vintage designs are faithfully reproduced, and new ones added to the repertoire. Fornasetti designs can be found on luxury home goods including fine china, fashion accessories, fragrances, and furniture.