Legno Diffuser

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LEGNO Charisma and Agility – A sensual, delicate marriage of cedar and sandalwoods with a soft, fresh accent.

Size: 500ml

Size: 2.75″L x 2.75″W x 9.5″H


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Linari fragrances are a feast for the sense. Twenty-eight bewitching scents create the perfect atmosphere in any room, while the sleek and elegant containers are objects of design in their own right. Linari was established in Germany in 2001, and provides room fragrances in an array of styles, from exotic to classic and modern. Enchanting but never overwhelming, Linari fragrances are available as room sprays, candles, and room scent diffusers with evaporating sticks. Each unique scent has been developed with internationally renowned perfumers Mark Buxton and Egon Oelkers. Each container is crafted from Italian glass, with a lid made from solid oak, wenge or zebrano wood.