Saint-Louis Crystal

Oxymore American Water Glass

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American Water Glass


Designed in total harmony by the Hot and Cold workshops working at each end of the thermometer – this glass table service stands out thanks to its geometric shape, echoing Art Deco lines. Initially composed of three clear water and wine glasses, one clear flute and one hock in flannel gray or dark blue, the Oxymore Collection was destined to grow – and so it has, this year adding an enchanting bar and decanter service, making a total of six options for a resolutely modern table.

Dimensions: 3″ D x 9″ H


: 15 Days


Saint Louis Crystal was established in eastern France in 1586. The oldest “cristallerie" in Europe, they produced fine crystal for the kings of France in the 18th century. Saint Louis also innovated a practice we take for granted today: the use of sets of luxury stemware for the dining table, introduced with its famous Trianon service in 1834. As chemistry advanced in the 19th century, Saint Louis began producing a wide array of colored crystal, adding complex cut patterns, and subtle gold ornament. Each piece of Saint Louis crystal is signed by a master glassmaker, many of whom hold the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France, or Best French Craftsperson. Generation upon generation of technical and artistic skill make delicate Saint Louis crystal a timeless choice for the most elegant tables.