Oyuna Saan Cashmere Throw


Saan Cashmere Throw Denim Blue

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100% cashmere knitted throw in denim blue. Dry clean only.

Size: 78″ L x 57″ W x .5″ H


: 15 Days


Few fabrics are as luxurious and sought-after as cashmere. Oyuna Tserendorj founded Oyuna in 2002, inspired by the ancient textile traditions and vibrant colors of her native Mongolia. Oyuna began as a small collection of carefully sourced blankets and throws, and has since blossomed into an expansive line of women’s fashion and home accessories that set the bar for sustainably produced cashmere all over the world. Based in London, Oyuna works with a design-led philosophy, combining a reverence for the craft traditions of Central Asia with the style and aesthetics of the West. Soft and pristine to the touch, bold and modern to the eye, Oyuna is modern luxury at its best.