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Voltage Candle Holder Black

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Handcrafted solid acrylic candle votive with faceted sides made to sparkle and shine in every direction.

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: 15 Days

: 15 Days


Alexandra von Furstenberg creates limited-edition acrylic accessories and objects that are masterfully cut and polished so they reflect and amplify the light and color of a room. Elements of vintage design inspire von Furstenberg, whose pieces evoke Art Deco style in their geometric forms and sport classic color palettes ranging from subdued jewel tones to 1980s’ day-glo. Animal print patterns such as leopard, snakeskin, and zebra contribute to the antique look of von Furstenberg’s frames, boxes, vases, bookends, and games, while the polish and precision of her creations’ fabrication make them flawless complements to just about any home or office. Alexandra von Furstenberg is also the image director of DvF, the label she founded that helped revive the legendary wrap dress, an iconic fashion statement of the 1970s.