The Best Sectional Sofas To Invest In Now

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Photo courtesy of Nina Choi / Designed by Valdimir Kagan Designs

From traditional options to modern statement pieces, these are the best sectional sofas to invest in now!

If you’re making it a mission to spruce up your home decor edit this season, consider starting your quest with the best sectional sofas on the market. Having a cozy, yet ultra-chic, sectional will not only make your space the ultimate locale for hanging out with friends and family; a chic sectional can also become the centerpiece of your living space that will highlight your keen eye and cultivated design prowess. While sourcing the perfect option is oftentimes the hardest part of finding the best sectional sofa, we’ve done all of the legwork for you.

Ahead, you can shop 10 comfortable, chic, and practical options that are at topping our wish list this season. These picks range from traditional silhouettes to more modern statement pieces. No matter your design aesthetic, you’re sure to find the perfect sectional sofa to thoughtfully and instantly upgrade your living space.

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L-Shaped Swan Back Sofa with Wood Base

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L-Shaped Swan Back Sofa with Wood Base: Since 2004, Kagan’s international reach has grown by leaps and bounds in showrooms in France, Italy, and beyond. They’re frequently commissioned to create high-end pieces by some of the world’s leading architects and interior designers, including some of the best sectional sofas for any home. This L-Shaped Swan Back Sofa is a testament to the brand’s design prowess by way of its seamless combination of a sophisticated aesthetic married to comfort and an ultra-modern sensibility — hallmarks of Kagan’s own enduring design career.



Lune™ Sofa Jamie Hayon JH301 Chaise Lounge



Lune Sofa: Natasha Esch founded MONC XIII with her husband, Matt Coffin. Before MONC XIII, Esch was an interior designer in Los Angeles and, earlier in her career, the President of Wilhelmina Models. The brand’s Lune Sofa is one of the brand’s most popular — and with reason! Lune is a Danish word that refers to a certain coveted, ideal temperature, and the “feeling one gets when everything is just right.” This essence is at the very root of the sectional’s design, whose sculptural silhouette is a celebrated trademark of its designer, Jaime Hayon. Extremely comfortable and beautiful from every angle, the Lune Sofa is constructed out of 4 layers of materials: a layer of support webbing at the bottom, the cushion foam in the middle, a layer of feathers made of duck and goose on top of it, and a final covering of richly upholstered fabric, for a compelling look and feel that is unmatched.

Best Sectional Sofas_0008_4 GETA SOFA


Geta Sofa

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Geta Sofa: The Artefacto design brand is practically synonymous with high-end furnishings, including some of the best sectional sofas. Its products decode a lifestyle that is highly regarded amongst the biggest names in architecture and décor, including this Geta Sofa, which is one of the most carefully thought-out pieces on the market. Its designer, Anastassiadis, is constantly engaged in creating timeless projects and unique pieces that showcase identity and purpose through a sophisticated look. This piece is a must-have for any well-curated home.

Best Sectional Sofas_0007_5 Groundpiece



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Groundpiece: Now in its third generation, Flexform remains an exclusive phenom of Italian furniture design. An undeniable best-seller from the brand’s expansive collection is this Groundpiece, which has transformed the very concept of the sofa. New proportions that play with low and deep scales are designed as a more relaxed and casual approach to seating. Additionally, aware that changes in lifestyle spark a bevy of new behaviors and needs, this Groundpiece Sofa redesigns the armrest concept via a multitude of options, which makes it the perfect chic statement piece for any home.

Best Sectional Sofas_0006_6 Sofa Sellier 2-seater with chaise lounge


Sofa Sellier 2-seater with Chaise Lounge



Sellier Sofa: The relationship between Hermès and furniture dates back to 1924, when French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank called on the legendary Maison to create sleek leather upholstery for sofas and chairs. Evolving on this narrative, this Sellier Sofa makes a myriad of references to the house’s equestrian heritage in an archetypal, modular piece whose “design is led by a quest for ingenuity and surprises that delight as they reveal themselves.” Remarkable craftsmanship, upholstery work, and caning come together beautifully to create one of the most rarified and best sectional sofas in the market today.

Best Sectional Sofas_0000_face-powder-2



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Cipria: Impeccable craftsmanship is a fundamental tenet of Edra’s design ethos. Indeed, it is through craftsmanship, deft manual skills, and unwavering innovation that the brand has continued to deliver some of the best sectional sofas on the market, including this Cipria Sofa. Composed of nine structural cushions that resemble puffs attached to an invisible metal tube, and stuffing made from the brand’s trademarked Gellyfoam®, this Cipria Sofa exceptionally balances technology and beauty. Designed with passion in mind — it is a forever piece that undoubtedly underscores the creation of the greatest quality home furnishings.

Best Sectional Sofas_0003_9 DS-1025



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DS-1025:Throughout its history, De Sede has dedicated itself to the refinement and perfection of deeply studied knowledge of furniture craftsmanship. This DS-1025 masterpiece is one of the brand’s best sectional sofas. Two sophisticated, strong design sofa elements form the perfect basis for implementing your own interior design and home furnishing concepts. The “left” and “right” elements constitute a welcoming two-seater sofa, or can be transformed into a seating pyramid. By adding extra optionionality into the design, the versatility inherent to this sectional makes it possible to create entire seating groups to match a myriad of ideas that fit both your look and your lifestyle.

Best Sectional Sofas_0001_'gallery-absolu-05'



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Absolu: This Absolu Sofa is an elegant, timeless sofa. Absolutely unique — due to the fact that it is enhanced with “smart” cushions — and pliable to satisfy any possible seating preference, this is one of the best sectional sofas on the market today. The smart cushion is a brand-new concept that represents years of technological research for a soft, one-of-a-kind feel. Additionally, Edra has always been committed to technological research, and in 2004 it patented Gellyfoam®, a next-generation material that represents the most advanced reference point in terms of comfort.

The various elements allow for anything from a linear to an angular or curvy composition to serve any architectural or interior design ethos.

Best Sectional Sofas_0001_11 Get Back


Get Back

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Get Back: Get Back is an astounding seating system that pays homage to the Beatles — specifically the line, “Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged”. A playfully schematic text for a project that “represents a return to comfort,” there’s no better option to make you truly feel at home. Generous and spacious with reclined backrests that encourage relaxation, two types of armrests, and numerous modular elements, this option goes above and beyond to provide comfort and style.

Best Sectional Sofas_0000_12 Lawrence _Clan_


Lawrence “Clan”

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Lawrence “Clan”: With their well-defined shapes, the Lawrence “Clan” elements lend themselves to compositions that express a more “dynamic and informal interpretation” of the living room. The one-piece offers remarkable stitching in graphic, modern square-shaped designs. Additionally, the refined tailoring epitomizes the company’s skill in drawing upon tradition to bring new vitality to the ancient technique of embroidery vis-à-vis contemporary elements of style. This modern, graphic stitching lends a more dynamic rhythm to compositions and invites the creation of living room decor with a fresher, more contemporary vibe.