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11 Full-Length Mirrors That Reflect Fabulous Style

Try a mirror that both shows beauty and exudes it.
Roxanne Robinson Dec 26, 2021
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The full-length mirror can be either a friend or foe, depending on your state of mind. Even so, having this handy piece of furnishing can enlarge your space while allowing some of the principles of feng shui into your home. Feng shui suggests a mirror near the door to let energy enter and exit the area (ideally, good energy enters and bad energy exits). Mirrors also represent the water element due to their shared nature of reflecting things. Per the advice of Coco Chanel: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Some feel it's just good luck to start your day by looking at yourself before heading into the world. Wherever you choose to place a full-length mirror, Nest Casa has reflected on the best ones available today.

Editor's Picks: Full-Length Mirrors

Gold Full-Length Mirrors

Almost nothing beats the surefire combo of gold and mirror. To wit, the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. (It’s no coincidence that they called him the Sun King.) Together, they create a sparkle that lights up any room. No matter what your décor style is, this classic combo works well in any setting.

1. Lulu & Georgia Shashenka Floor Mirror

Lulu & Georgia

Shashenka Floor Mirror
$597.00 BUY NOW

Looking for a piece that allows ample viewing space without overpowering the room? Lulu and Georgia's Shashenka floor mirror offers a large reflection surface framed discreetly in a metallic rounded encasing.

2. 1stDIBS Italian Carved Giltwood Faux Bois Cushion Mirror


Italian Carved Giltwood Faux Bois Cushion Mirror
$6,000.00 BUY NOW

Giltwood is the most classic of gold mirrors. As the name suggests, it is a form of wood that has been given a gilt finish or painted in gold. This Italian, carved style adds even more ornamentation with faux bois and a foliage motif. Despite its French roots, this mirror is made in the Hollywood regency style, featuring a bevel-edge trim that recalls a cushion-cut diamond.

3. 1stDIBS 19th Century French Carved and Giltwood Transitional Mirror


19th Century French Carved and Giltwood Transitional Mirror
$6,400.00 BUY NOW

The exquisite carving and gilt of this 19th-century floor mirror indicates the French furniture style of the Second Empire—when Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew Louis was elected as president, staged a coup d’état, and became Napoleon III. France prospered in these years and the impressive stature of this piece exemplifies the sensibilities of the time. It is likely that a mirror of this scale was built into a wall, originally. 

Wall-Mounted Full-Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror doesn't necessarily have to sit on the floor. Whether for design or space reasons, wall-mounted styles bode equally well for achieving the full-length effect.

4. 1stDIBS Cristal Arte Geometric Mirror


Cristal Arte Geometric Mirror
$14,500.00 BUY NOW

Cristal Arte reigned supreme in the 1960s, pushing the preconceived notions of what cut crystal should look like in a modern setting. This stunning, wall-mounted full-length mirror from the era combines crystal, brass, and glass for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Similarly, the unique cuts and angles that the crystal creates make this style resemble a gemstone for the wall.

Antique Full-Length Mirrors

The vintage and second-hand market is an excellent source for finding the perfect full-length mirror. The variety of styles can look equally at home in today's spaces as they did in the past.

5. 1stDIBS Italian Modernist Brass Framed Full Length Bevelled Mirror, Italy, 1950's


Italian Modernist Brass Framed Full Length Bevelled Mirror, Italy, 1950's
$10,500.00 BUY NOW

The Italian mid-century modern design movement is on full display in this style found on 1stdibs. Made in the 1950s, this mirror features tapered sides that seem to be inspired by the curves on a woman's waist. A beveled edge lends an air of sophistication, too.

6. Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola Mirror

Ettore Sottsass

Ultrafragola Mirror
$8,625.00 BUY NOW

In 1970, ten years before the Italian architect and designer founded the seminal Memphis design movement, Ettore Sottsass had designed this genuinely unique mirror glowing in pink light. Sottsass named it ultrafragola, which means ultimate strawberry, alluding to what women who would see reflected in it. The curvy shape channels the erotic nature of the female form. The wavy, vacuum-formed acrylic sheets and colored neon lights were cutting-edge and thoroughly modern when this piece was designed. These mirrors are reissued designs and they still possess a retro-cool that resonates today.

7. 1stDIBS Large Italian Blue Crystal Art Standing Mirror


Large Italian Blue Crystal Art Standing Mirror
$10,368.42 BUY NOW

Cristal Arte's signature colored crystal accents are demonstrated on this oval mirror. On this standing mirror, bright blue tiles framed in gold add to the timelessness of the design, which was initially made in the 1960s.

Natural Full-Length Mirrors

If the boho-spirit is more your mood, there are options beyond intricate or even ostentatious (by some standards) styles. Natural materials such as rattan and raw wood offer a more organic look to your space.

8. Serena & Lily Inc Balboa Floor Mirror

Serena & Lily Inc

Balboa Floor Mirror
$1,498.00 BUY NOW

The Balboa mirror from Serena and Lily is perfect for smaller spaces. With a width of just 28 inches, this mahogany mirror wrapped in rattan looks excellent when paired with live or recreated greenery.

9. Anthropologie Hudson Floor Mirror


Hudson Floor Mirror
$798.00 BUY NOW

Enjoy the beauty of carved wood in this eye-catching mirror. The Hudson floor mirror combines a sculptural frame with spheres and discs that surround the looking glass.

10. Serena & Lily Montara Floor Mirror

Serena & Lily

Montara Floor Mirror
$998.00 BUY NOW

Channel your inner Humphrey Bogart with this mirror, which looks plucked from the set of Casablanca (thanks to its bamboo features). This isn't to say this Montara rattan mirror looks dated. Au contraire: It complements today's styles to a T.

11. Matteo Cibic Strike Full Length Mirror

Matteo Cibic

Strike Full Length Mirror
$4,377.54 BUY NOW

The Matteo mirror takes the once favored handicraft of inlaying horn and bone and recreates it in a non-harmful manner. Designer Matteo Cibic worked with manufacturer Scarlett Splendour to reimagine the ancient handicraft of the Himalayan tribes of India through resin and plywood. The result is a dynamic and graphic pattern that’s sure to spark a conversation wherever this beauty rests.

Roxanne Robinson
Roxanne Robinson is an award-winning Paris-based American journalist covering luxury and fashion industries with over 25 years of experience. I spent over 18 years at WWD, covering sportswear, accessories and fine jewelry. My career witnessed the shift from print media to the digital age. I gained expert knowledge of the design world, wholesale and retail markets as well as the marketing that supports them. I met endless creatives and business people who create luxury from inception to POS with the consumer. My work has appeared in Forbes.com, BoF, The Hollywood Reporter, CRFashionbook.com, The Jewelry Journal as well in-house publications and websites at Bally, Pomellato, Au Depart and Editorialist.com among others.
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