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The 13 Best Toothbrush Holders That’ll Make You Smile

You’ll never look at a cup the same way again.
Roxanne Robinson May 26, 2021
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To those who believe that something useful doesn’t have to be pleasing to look at, those of us at Nest Casa have this to say: Let us show you the light. Our raison d’être is giving every interior product, however commonplace, a pleasing, aesthetic vibe. The bathroom is one place to focus on equal parts form and function. Daily hygiene habits performed there need not be drudgery. Attention to the little details—such as a toothbrush holder—can make grooming and upkeep more enjoyable. So, forget about that chipped coffee mug or the lone tumbler; these nifty and handy holders store your toothbrush chicly, safely, and then some.

Editor’s Picks: Best Toothbrush Holders

1. The Trio Style

Misery isn’t the only one who loves company. Good taste does, too. This trio-style toothbrush holder also accommodates other personal hygiene tasks, such as washing your hands and removing makeup. This creamy white lacquer with natural horn inlay bathroom set from Arcahorn includes a soap dispenser and cotton jar. These containers rest in a coordinating tray that holds small items safely from sink drains.

2. The Sculptural Style

Michael Aram

Butterfly Ginkgo Toothbrush Holder
$90.00 BUY NOW

Armenian-American craftsman Michael Aram has taken many of his design cues from nature. For this piece, the trained painter, sculptor, and art historian looked to the gingko tree with its fan-shaped leaves. This hammered gunmetal toothbrush holder features a tree branch with a gold butterfly resting gently on it. The captivating design will allow your eyes to linger and your mind to forget that you’re even brushing your teeth.

3. The Colorful Style


Pleiade Toothbrush Holder
$178.00 BUY NOW

Leave it to the family-run Etro to produce this engaging and vividly patterned toothbrush holder, which adds welcome frivolity to this twice-daily task. Known for their colorful patterns—especially the paisley—this Italian house has applied its vivacious prints to everything from men’s ties to home textiles. The feathers, flowers, snake, and butterfly motif on this Pleiade design harken back to the seven mythological nymph daughters born to Atlas and Pleione. Gazing at this cup transports one to another world, indeed.

4. The Wooden Style

Pigeon and Poodle

Varadero Dark Stain Brush Holder
$70.00 BUY NOW

This “wooden” toothbrush holder coordinates with a complete vanity set, including a canister, nesting trays, a tissue box, trays, a wastebasket, and a soap pump. The look of this porous material is designed for the wettest of rooms. The secret to the dark-stain Varadero collection from Pigeon & Poodle is that it’s made from banana leaf to resemble wood. The tropical plant is frequently used in construction materials, thanks to its water-repelling properties. Thus, achieving a dignified wooden look is possible with this decorative, durable material.

5. The Marble Style


Ducale Toothbrush Holder
$38.00 BUY NOW

This clever double container is a master of disguise. Though it resembles a fine Italian Carrara marble, this Ducale toothbrush holder from Kassatex is acrylic. The effect is, at once, reflective of antiquity and modernism. Plus, the acrylic may be less susceptible to bathroom spills. The second container can house toothpaste, razors, or a bevy of brushes for an active home.

6. The Acrylic Style

Burke Decor

Smoke Hollywood Toothbrush Holder
$38.00 BUY NOW

In a sultry smoke finish, this Jonathan Adler Hollywood toothbrush holder seems ready-made for Tinseltown-worthy illusions. The sleek, lozenge-shaped cavity gently cradles toothbrushes while catching extra water at the bottom of a toothbrush cup. (Plus, its transparency allows visibility for knowing when to clean it out.)

7. The Rattan Style

Williams Sonomo Home

Rattan And Acrylic Toothbrush Holder
$38.00 BUY NOW

Acrylic saves the day when it comes to featuring this organic material woven from tropical palms in the bathroom. Rattan is naturally water-repellent. Still, it wouldn’t be practical as an untreated toothbrush holder that’s exposed to water. Encased in clear acrylic, this vessel allows for a tropical summer motif that sufficiently serves a purpose.

8. The Abstract Style

West Elm

SIN Buoy Toothbrush Holder
$35.00 BUY NOW

The Buoy dispels the notion that a toothbrush holder must be wholly enclosed to function. It’s made by Sin—a small, handcrafted pottery company in Brooklyn founded by former advertising executive Virginia Sin. The holder is formed from clay coils that nestle the toothbrush while standing up.

9. The Sanitizer Style


Avari TS UV Heat Toothbrush Sanitizer
$49.95 BUY NOW

This gadget-centric Avari TS toothbrush holder uses UV technology to eradicate 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs that linger on bristles and lead to illness. (Fun fact: It can also be used to disinfect razors. Wall-mounted or on a stand, this streamlined case adds a futuristic vibe to any bathroom.

10. The Minimalist Style

Zone Denmark

Nova One Toothbrush Holder - Black
$23.00 BUY NOW

When it comes to pleasing minimalist sensibilities, Scandinavian design can’t disappoint. This Nova One toothbrush holder designer by Thomas Dudzinski for Zone Denmark will surely bring a zen sense of calm, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

11. The Whimsical Style


Peacock Toothbrush Holder - Gold
$112.00 BUY NOW

This gold-finished toothbrush holder from Villari adds a touch of pizzazz to any bathroom. Inspired by peacock feathers, the elegant jar will make the act of toothbrushing into a frivolous and fun experience.

12. The Leather Style

Damp conditions may sound like a foe to tanned cowhide, but Giobagnara Italy solves this potential conundrum. The unique, ridged leather casing in rich chocolate brown of this toothbrush holder is equipped with a non-slip, waterproof base to stay securely in place on your bathroom vanity.

13. The Shagreen Style


Shagreen Toothbrush Holder, Gray
$25.00 BUY NOW

For the ultimate luxurious bathroom accessory, this toothbrush holder in shagreen takes the prize. With a slender body, this luxurious, porcelain holder features a divider to accommodate multiple brushes and an irregular octagonal shape to boost its design quotient.

Roxanne Robinson
Roxanne Robinson is an award-winning Paris-based American journalist covering luxury and fashion industries with over 25 years of experience. I spent over 18 years at WWD, covering sportswear, accessories and fine jewelry. My career witnessed the shift from print media to the digital age. I gained expert knowledge of the design world, wholesale and retail markets as well as the marketing that supports them. I met endless creatives and business people who create luxury from inception to POS with the consumer. My work has appeared in, BoF, The Hollywood Reporter,, The Jewelry Journal as well in-house publications and websites at Bally, Pomellato, Au Depart and among others.
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