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Mastering the Minimalist Aesthetic: Top Interior Designers’ Guide to the Must-have Pieces & How to Style Them

Tap into a pristine minimalist aesthetic for your home with these 4 clean and artfully curated designs to instantly upgrade to your space.
Gretty Garcia Dec 27, 2021
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The minimalist aesthetic is still going strong in the interior design world, thanks to chic Scandi-style interiors showcased by our favorite influencers and style mavens. It’s an approach that focuses on the precision of essentials to tap a fresh contemporary space. However, when channeling the best minimalist aesthetic, pared-down does not equate to less-thoughtfully designed. Below, we feature three chic displays of well-executed minimalist aesthetic ideas to instantly upgrade your space.

The Four Types of a Minimalist Aesthetic

1. Visually Driven:

Chiefly speaking, one key reason for a minimalist aesthetic is the clean eye palette it supports. To explain deeper, the guiding idea behind this minimalism is that with a sparse mise en scene, things look better.  To demonstrate, simple furnishings and design can highlight one or two extraordinary pieces of art.

2. Sustainably Motivated:

To point out another view of a minimal aesthetic, it’s key to consider how personal environmental views play into this style of décor. Simply put, those who put concern of the environment ahead of packing their living space full of things and variety if it’s not deemed eco-friendly. With this in mind, these minimalists choose wisely based on the environmental impact as well as a fuss-free look.

3. Sparse by Necessity:

Then again others achieve the minimalist aesthetic out of need. Perhaps this is a young person or couple just starting out, slowly and carefully choosing what they add to their home as budget allows. Furthermore, this aesthetic lends itself to the thrifty sort who spend money to acquire things in an extremely measured manner.

4. Mind and Body:

Correspondingly, others may choose a minimal aesthetic for the peace of mind that an uncluttered, unfettered space brings. A home devoid of stuff offers a calm, Zen-like space. By the same token, these folks can also appreciate experiences over clutter and choose to spend income on experiences such as travel or taking up hobby. That is to say these minimalists look for benefit of a sparse space for peace of mind as well as adding to their experiences

Ways to Achieve a Minimalist Aesthetic

Incorporate Unexpected Elements

To point out, it’s no secret that, like any art, home design is rooted in a certain visual harmony and synchronicity. For this reason, when curating a space reflecting minimalist aesthetic codes, it’s important to integrate harmonious texture plays into an interior space. In particular, lava stones are igneous rocks that form from erupting Earth magma during the process of cooling and hardening. These rich formations have especially played an important stylistic role in the world of design for the past few years, as they incorporate a dynamic tonal texture iterated through a dramatic and dark color palette. Lava stone designs are complex but possess a unique look. Notably, they complement beautifully and add subtle dimension to any minimalist space.

This grouping of sculptures is so intentional in placement and choice of materials, coordinating with the subject of the art print. Combined with the strong finishes surrounding the accessories the effect is minimal and strong.

Juxtapose Warm And Cool Tones

This recently completed project downtown New York City pied-à-terre by interior designer Sandra Weingort demonstrates the minimalist aesthetic successfully. “I was incredibly fortunate to find a client who truly loved my work and trusted me fully, whose collaboration spirit elevated everything, and who shared the same passion for design, art, and for his home as I did.” For Example, the crux of this room focuses on the juxtaposition between warm and cool tones. In detail, the light wood that anchors the chair, the bottom of the couch, and a host of accouterment beautifully dovetails in with the lighter cushions and large, white artwork for a subtle, yet compelling, overall look. The designer added,

We often think of minimalist design as ‘cold,’ by using warm wood finishes and toned-down blues the result is just the opposite.

To demonstrate she notes the accessories’ placement in the image as precise and well balanced with varying heights and shapes.

Use A Less-Is-More Approach

For the most part, this is the easiest way to achieve a minimalist aesthetic. On the whole, this design tactic is more in line with traditional minimalist aesthetic norms and design implementations. For instance, when you relegate objet d’art pieces to one space, and maintain the use of clean lines throughout the area, this look is guaranteed to add an important point of interest into your minimalist design. Furthermore, lack of clutter and intentional placement of everything from small accessories to large works of art helps to elegantly elevate this room in a way that still maintains an air of laidback ease.

By placing accessories on only one surface in this room the sense of minimalism is accomplished. Neutral finishes, combining materials, and a few pieces result in no sense of clutter…simply elegant.

Shop The Minimalist Aesthetic

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Gretty Garcia
Gretty Garcia handles features and special projects at Editorialist, and covers all things from exciting new releases to profiles on prolific figures across multiple industries. After studying at Harvard College, she began working at Editorialist and is now simultaneously pursuing her master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism. When she’s not covering this season’s must-have accessories, she’s adding to her book collection or listening to culture podcasts.
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