Hector saxe Double 6 Dominoes Set Leather Croco Red

Hector saxe

Double 6 Dominoes Set Leather Croco Red

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Double 6 dominoes set in leather printed crocodile Boxes with nickel chrome locks. Made in France.

Size: 7″ L x 5″ W x 2.5″ H


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Paris-based Hector Saxe takes the art of gaming to luxurious new heights. Founded in 1978 by Michel and Patricia Saxe, Hector Saxe creates high-end gaming sets in the finest materials, with attention to detail that will delight even the fiercest competitor. Known in particular for their artful leather Backgammon sets, Hector Saxe also creates precision dice, poker chips, playing cards, roulette sets, dominos, and elegant poker tables. Each game set is one of a kind, crafted from leather, hides, rare woods, and Alcantara. Hector Saxe has livened up a world of specialty goods that had been overlooked for too long, adding a welcome dash of style, and perhaps good luck, to the game.